The gray, the white, and the orange

Snow was sticky and looked more like the sponge which sucked in all the water, than the fluffy frozen powder. The temperature jumped constantly from two degrees below zero to back to plus. The perfect time to build a snowman, not a good time to walk in it wearing semi-season shoes.
Grey, dusty-transparent clouds lazy moved in the sky. Because they consumed all the sunlight, the landscape around seemed the same gray and impossibly boring.
That's why the carrot-colored bus changed everything when it's stopped in front of a park entrance.
I looked at it and thought if the bus can radiant with such a color among this weakling winter, I definitely should try too. Somehow, some why, I took off my shoes and put bare feet on the ground. My soles and my soul suddenly smiled toward this immediate cold.

Unexpectedly, this icy touch turned the whole world into a warmer place.

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